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Songwriting and playing lead guitar for almost a decade now in various alt rock and metal bands both in N.Ireland and Scotland, Lee Simpson began turning his attentions to a more acoustic based singer/songwriter sound at the start of 2003, feeling this was more sincere to the kind of music he was trying to create. "Musically I grew up on grunge. The honesty and realism contained in so much of that form of rock music is what drew me in. That's what I've always aimed to achieve in my songs." Realizing the strength and potential in the songs he was now writing, he called it quits on his previous band 'Thylacine' and began recording his first China Eye demo. Encouraged by various friends and receiving positive feedback on his demo and solo acoustic gigs, Lee decided to make this even bigger and better.

Schooled in more classic forms of rock and metal, with an ear open to most other forms of music at the same time, Graeme McKinnon began teaching himself to play guitar at the tender age of 16. After he came to university, he met an Irish fellow of broadly similar musical tastes, called Lee, and a few jams later, he obtained himself a bass guitar, and began learning how to play that. Eventually Uni finished, and the two drifted apart for a while, and playing music was mainly forgotten...until one fateful wet and windy night, when he received a phone call from a certain Lee, asking if he wanted to play bass in a band. One listen to the solo demo, and he was convinced he could come up with some suitably atmospheric basslines, albeit unsure if they would be up to scratch. A few collaborative writing sessions later, and that uncertainty was gone...China Eye had a second member.

Also stemming from a grunge background, Caroline Anthony had begun playing in bands in Edinburgh at the age of fourteen. After dedicating much of her time to attending drum classes and studying music at college she decided to find a band that was doing something a bit different where she could have the chance to try out new rhythms in sync with artistic melodies. Already fascinated by complex time signatures, polyrhythms and tribal originated rhythms, Caroline began a Tool cover band in summer 2003 and it was whilst looking for a singer for this project that she met Lee and China Eye formed it's existing line up

China Eye's ability to create such an atmospheric, encapsulating, and at times a truly intimate style of rock music has drawn comparisons to bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle