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writing for the web

A website has under 10 seconds to impress a visitor. If it's boring, hard to understand, has spelling misteaks, badly grammar or small hard-to-read fonts and clashing colours it has failed; your visitor will click <BACK>. All the hard work and money put into it is wasted. *

If you're still reading, we're doing our job.

* This isn't entirely true: some visitors will keep on reading. In fact they'll read the whole site. That's because they're robots, busy indexing your site for Search Engine rankings; another reason why well-written copy with keywords and links in the right places is important.

design is...

designing for the web

Design is really just a way to show off all your nice content.

Good design means doing that in a simple way that doesn't get in the way of your content.

Good web design means giving vistors a smooth fast-loading user experience where they can find what they're looking for easily — that's what will keep them coming back. In fact good web design means that most visitors hardly notice the design — they're too busy reading your blog or buying your product to notice the elegant background images and stylish menus that we've created for your site. Still, it makes us happy.


Around 10-20% of web users have some disability, whether visual impairment or movement-related, so designing sites to Accessibility standards immediately increases your potential audience. Small or un-resizable text, confusing menus, clashing colours or slow loading times can all drive away users.

accessibility for the web

We don't spend hours re-designing to imposssible standards — we just make the design as logical, accessible and functional as possible. Fortunately, designing to web standards means that we code your site in a clear and logical manner, making it more attractive to search engines and easier (and cheaper) to update in the future.

Accessibility doesn't just apply to visitors — simple but secure admin features can allow you or your staff to update website content through the browser without the complexity or cost of a full CMS package, giving you more control over your site and saving you time and money.

A 'one-stop' shop

With low overheads, a wide range of experience and a helpful jargon-free approach Artspin can help you get the best out of your website. Our solutions page has more details on how we design and improve websites, and you can see two sites that we have worked on recently in the examples section.

writing for the web

For a free and fair appraisal of your current site and how it could be upgraded drop us a line at the address below or through our contact form. Whether it's a complete re-design, SEO advice or just some simple code tweaking we're sure we can help.

We're also happy to discuss an exhaustive list of web design topics: how your site could be 60% faster in just 5 minutes; why correct <DOCTYPE> matters; how appropriate use of Flash and javascript can benefit your site; why an up-to-date design helps people view your site using mobile devices or assistive technologies; the in's and out's of Google; the importance of whitespace....